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Services offered by LOCHNER LAW FIRM, P.C.,


1. Insurance Coverage and Subrogation. For claims which are paid by our clients, we will pursue other individuals and entities that may also bear financial responsibility.

2. Contract Disputes. We will litigate contract issues including those arising from consumer sales, supplier sales, employer/employee relationships, and significant transactions.

3. Regulatory proceedings. We will represent our clients in civil and administrative proceedings before state or federal regulatory agencies including the Department of Labor and Licensing, Department of Environment, and vrious County and Local agencies.


1. General Counsel. We provide general business representation for businesses, including corporate, regulatory, contract and commercial matters.

2. Preventative Reviews. In legal matters, prevention can be exponentially cheaper than the cure offered by litigation. We will review supplier and consumer contracts, premises and other potential risks to help identify serious, preventable risks.

3. Corporate Organization. If a business is not properly formed and registered with the State, there are potentially serious, unexpected consequences. We offer flat rates to form simple corporations and partnerships. For more complex matters, we will draft original contracts and entity documents to meet our clients' specialized needs.

4. Effective Contract Drafting and Design. Most businesses have certain types of contracts that they frequently reuse. We will review and revise these documents to be certain that, if challenged, their meaning is that which is intended, and to make sure that our clients' liability is appropriately limited.

5. Purchase/Sale Representation. In any transaction involving a significant amount of money, there is the potential for broken promises, misunderstandings, misrepresentations and significant losses. For significant transactions, we will review applicable documents to be sure that our clients' interests are protected and provide assistance or representation in negotiations as needed.